Galloways Talking Newspaper

Charity for the blind and visually impaired

Voice acting shouldn't always be about commercial success.

I have lent my voice to Galloways talking newspaper for the blind and visually impaired. They are an incredible charity with locations around the UK, offering a wide range of services. I brought the daily news to the ears of Galloways listeners, individuals who don't have equal access to daily updates that the vast majority of people take for granted.

I was stunned when I first stepped into the Chorley branch at just how knowledgeable and professional the Galloway team of audio engineers were. I quickly picked up many skills that I had never considered before for visually impaired listeners, such as more detailed spoken notations of the copy allowing the blind or visually impaired to gather more information about what is being spoken.

I look forward to opportunities to do more for charity as I expand my voiceover career into the future. And I wish the fine people at Galloways the best of luck in the future.