Black Desert Broadcast

A Video Game News Podcast

The Black Desert Broadcast was a fantastic passion project of mine that I crafted with a good friend.

It was a bi-weekly podcast focused on the popular MMO video game Black Desert Online by Pearl Abyss, on the show we discussed the state of the game, future news updates and player achievements along with a full-foley sound bite story of a lore driven story point.

I used this podcast to hone my skills in audio editing and performance, it was a great opportunity to get excited behind the microphone and perform something I was really fascinated with. The community thoroughly enjoyed the cast as we were met with an overall 5-star review on Itunes and hit the new and upcoming section just three weeks into our journey.

I hope my exploration of podcast creation isn't over quite yet as the laid back setting of free discussion around a mutually shared interest is just so incredibly fun!