Vade Mecum: Asa's Blessing

Written by D.H. Dhaenens

Asa's Blessing was an audiobook hosted on Amazons Audible platform.

Magic empowers, protects, and improves lives. Some knowledge is so dark and troubling, it should remain buried six feet under. As Furcifer tries to adapt to his new responsibilities, balanced with his impish nature and firey partner, he is drawn into a hunt that will drive him around the globe.

Furcifer has burned his bridges, and Gabrielle starts a hunt for the Spell. Rival mage factions, treacherous magic, and broken friendships stand in his way of finding the forbidden Spell. His old friend Twitch has gone into hiding and the only clues are the mutterings of an old witch who wrestled devils and demons. Young and old mages join this global hunt for power. Forces and factions clash as Twitch and others seek the truth buried all those years ago by his mother.

This title was a joy to perform and I really tried to raise my voice into a lighter tone to give this books comedy a real edge for the listeners. My biggest lesson on this title was quick character swaps. This title had many 'quick cuts' between characters with a rhythm that required a great deal of practice.

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