Azelom: The Rise of the Mountain God

Written by B.G. Franklin

Azelom: The Rise of the mountain God is a fantastical fiction novel written by B.G. Franklin, It has been met with rave reviews online and is a multi-award-nominated title.

Mr Franklin and I worked closely together to craft the original title into an audiobook. The script was absolutely thrilling to act out on the microphone, and the characters really leapt off the page with ease, which is testimony to Mr Franklins writing prowess.

I was ecstatic to hear of Mr Franklins positive feedback after my initial audition, I believe we were both surprised how some of the first takes so closely resembled Mr Franklins image of some of the main characters.

"Your renditions of all the characters are excellent! If this series was a movie, you couldn't find actors who could voice Thomas and Sahir better. I don't think Omar Sharif could do Sahir better, and he's an Egyptian! I was blown away hearing Sahir for the first time. Outstanding. Even the female parts are excellent." - B.G. Franklin

The book will become a five part series in the future when all writing has been completed. It will be available on Amazons Audible platform.

One of the biggest challenges in recording this title was the pronunciation of some of the fictional named locations. I learned that the difference in reading of a given word can vary wildly from person to person - or even the same person across different days (oops)!

However, the key to perfecting this title was in positive and frequent communication between the talent and rights holder. B.G. Franklin was always kind and courteous to work with and displayed infinite patience in getting back in touch to correct issues in my recording.

I'm really looking forward to performing the next four titles in this up and coming series! If you are interested in purchasing the audiobook or hard-cover copy you can find it on Audible and Amazon.